Yocan Red Diablo Torch

Yocan Red Diablo Torch

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  • Revolver-style flame adjustment tool
  • Piezo Ignition technology
  • Thermochromic Muzzle
  • Alloy and Ceramic Flame Guard
  • Butane-powered Lighter
  • Refillable Tank

About Yocan Red Diablo Torch

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch is one of the latest torch lighters from Yocan’s newest sub-brand, Yocan Red. With the goal of delivering the best products for smokers and vapers alike, Yocan has developed a new branch to cater to the growing needs of its customers.

Don’t just take our word when we say that the Yocan Red Diablo Torch is a good accessory and tool for your daily rituals. Here are some compelling reasons why you should keep a Yocan Red Diablo Torch in your arsenal.

Piezo Ignition Technology

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch is equipped with Piezo ignition technology, which is lightyears better than traditional and conventional spark wheel lighters.

Piezo ignition uses a small spring-loaded hammer that hits an inorganic compound called lead zirconium titanate — aka PZT. The action creates a high voltage with an ensuing electrical discharge that ignites the butane fuel used by the Yocan Red Diablo Torch.

The use of Piezo ignition technology makes for instantaneous flame production as the aforementioned action takes place real quick. This means that the Yocan Red Diablo Torch can deliver flames fast enough to help you get through those quick sessions when you’re out and about. There’s no need to snap the lighter a few times as using Piezo ignition is sort of a sure shot way for the torch lighter to work.

Zippo lighters may look cool but you may find yourself constantly flicking the spark wheel just so you can get a proper flame. That’s a thing of the past, especially now that you’re using the Yocan Red Diablo Torch.

In addition to fast flame delivery, using Piezo ignition technology also allows the Yocan Red Diablo Torch to enjoy unparalleled durability and longevity. According to the Shenzhen-based vaporizer company, the Yocan Red Diablo Torch has an ignition capacity of 20,000 clicks. That’s more than enough clicks you’ll need.

Butane-powered Refillable Torch Lighter

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch is a butane-powered torch lighter, which means that fuel sources are not difficult to find.

Butane is readily available in most stores and groceries so you will almost never find yourself in a situation that you can’t use the torch lighter. Refilling the Yocan Red Diablo Torch is also easy. Simply turn it upside down and press the spray tube of the butane canister into the reloading port of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch.

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch has a fuel tank capacity of eight grams. Depending on how often you use the Yocan Red Diablo Torch, the fuel tank could last long providing you with a better lighting experience for both quick and long sessions.

You can check the content of the butane tank by peeking at the window dedicated to revealing the content of the tank. In doing so, you can easily tell whether or not it’s now time to reload fuel back into the tank. This simple, yet helpful feature makes it easy for its owners to plan their reloads and basically never be caught off guard with a torch lighter that does not have fuel in it.

Precision Flame Technology

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch boasts precision flame technology, which allows you to tweak the flame quality based on your needs. The Yocan Red Diablo Torch can go from low to high and even extend its reach for even better heating in particular situations.

Based on the paperwork, the Yocan Red Diablo Torch can reach temperature levels of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,371 degrees Celsius. This means that the Yocan Red Diablo Torch can cover a wide range of temperature profiles making it ideal for the consumption of wax concentrates and dry herb strains.

The low temperature levels (with a short to medium range) are great for lighting up cigars, spliffs, and cigarettes. On the other hand, medium levels of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch will be good for setting a bowl of botanicals ablaze. As for the higher temperature levels, they will be perfect for heating up bangers and other wax containers for traditional and modern desktop dab rigs.

So whatever your preference is, the Yocan Red Diablo Torch will have your back. The torch lighter has been designed and engineered to cater to the wide needs of Yocan’s customers — whether they prefer vaping of smoking.

The flame can be adjusted using a unique component offered by the Yocan Red Diablo Torch. It has a revolver-type adjustment tool that can be twisted from left to right. Going left will lower the temperature and cut its reach while going right will increase the heat as well as its reach.

Thermochromic Muzzle

One unique feature of Yocan’s torch lighters — the Yocan Red Diablo Torch included — are their thermochromic muzzles. Thermochromic components react to heat, so you can expect the nozzle of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch to change its color when in use. It may look like a good cosmetic display but it also has practical benefits. For example, you can tell if the torch lighter is hot enough to the touch just by looking at the thermochromic component of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch.

By seeing the reaction of the muzzle, you can decide whether it’s now safe to touch — or not. Looking at the change in color of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch’s muzzle can also help you in making a better decision whether it’s safe to put it back in your bag (if you’re enjoying sessions at a party or at a friend’s house) or to store it in your drawer.

The Yocan Red Diablo Torch’s thermochromic part is great not only for looks but also as a tool to keep you safe from harm.

On top of the Yocan Red Diablo Torch’s thermochromic muzzle, the torch lighter also has a flame guard made up of alloy and ceramic. The two components are known for their ability to withstand and hold off heat, so they can act as a safety feature for consumers who value safety first.

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