Bowls & Ash Catchers

Bowls & Ash Catchers

53 products
    53 products
    710 Clear Adapters
    14mm Color Lip Bowls
    14mm Downstems

    Sometimes our best smoking rigs need certain accessories to keep functioning. Whether you want to replace a part that has been lost or broken—or you plan to upgrade your setup with something nice, we’ve got you covered.

    Bowls are an important part of the smoking experience for obvious reasons, but they are also wonderful for adding a fashionable touch to your favorite rig. Custom bowls can offer a splash of design or color to an otherwise basic setup—and they can provide a better experience too.

    Ash catchers have been popular for some time and are known for what they offer. Every ash catcher can filter smoke and limit how much tar enters the main chamber of a water pipe. We offer a variety of stylish ash catchers to ensure that your smoking experience is comfortable every time.

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