16 products
    16 products
    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Purple 2.0)
    Blazer Big Shot Quick Start Knob
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    Green Bear Papa Bear Torch
    Green Bear Baby Bear Torch
    Maven Windproof Gun Torch
    Newport Zero 10" Butane Torch
    Sale price $18.99 Regular price $24.99 Save $6
    5" Scorch Torch Mini (61363)
    Scorch Torch Matador (61250)
    Big Buddy - zwavedistro
    Blazer Big Buddy
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    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Neon Green - Glow in the Dark)
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    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Black)
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    Blazer Turbo Nozzle Guard
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    Newport Zero Jet Flame Lighter Display 12pc
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    Scorch Torch Mini Angled Aluminum Trim (61491)
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    Scorch Torch Single Flame Torch Lighter (61560)
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    Scorch Torch Gabon Single jet Flame (61312)

    Sometimes you need a lighter solution that packs a little extra punch. This is where our torches come in. Torches bring a hotter flame that is perfect for a wide range of smoking interests for tobacco and cannabis alike.

    A good torch offers convenient ease of use that makes it easy for you to start heating and smoking. Each of the torches that we offer is designed to be user-friendly and completely approachable so you can always feel confident when you use it. We also have you covered on traditional lighter brands such as BIC and Clipper. 

    Of course, a good torch is nothing without good design. If you’re going to be holding a torch and bring that kind of power, you want a design that suits your aesthetic. We offer torches in all shapes and sizes so there is always a good option to add to your smoke setup. We’ve got torches that are small and neutral—and big torches that are guaranteed to catch someone’s attention!

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