Digital Scales

Digital Scales

20 products
    20 products
    AWS LB-3000 Scale
    AWS LB-1000 Scale
    Triton T2 300g X .1g
    Weighmax Ninja NJ-800
    WeighMax PX-100
    AWS-70 - zwavedistro
    AWS AC-100 - zwavedistro
    AWS AC-100 - zwavedistro
    AWS AC-100
    WeighMax EX-750C
    WeighMax W-3805-100
    WeighMax BX-750C
    AWS Blade-100 - zwavedistro
    AWS Blade-100

    Some of us take our smoking experience a little more seriously, which means that we need the right tools for the job. A digital scale is an absolutely invaluable tool in the arsenal of the smoking aficionado. Digital scales add a degree of precision that easily optimizes a smoking experience.

    Measuring your product is very important for smoking, particularly if you plan to make your own joints, cigarettes, or cigars. Besides rolling papers and wraps with your trusty digital scale, you can guarantee that you receive the right amount of product every single time.

    The primary benefit of measuring your products is that you can guarantee consistency for your experience. If you know how much to use to yield your preferred results, you can guarantee that you receive a consistent amount of product for your needs—and hey, if you need a little extra sometimes, you will know how to measure it out.

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