Blazer Torches

Blazer Torches

6 products
    6 products
    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Purple 2.0)
    Blazer Big Shot Quick Start Knob
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    Big Buddy - zwavedistro
    Blazer Big Buddy
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    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Neon Green - Glow in the Dark)
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    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 (Black)
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    Blazer Turbo Nozzle Guard

    Sometimes you don’t just want to bring the fire—you want to bring the blaze. Our blazer torches are your one-stop solution to creating hotter flames in the palm of your hand with a simple touch. Blazer is known throughout the smoke shop industry for offering a premium and reliable flame. In addition, we carry torches from Green Bear, Scorch and more. 

    Blazer torches are beloved in the smoking community because they offer butane as a fuel source—and that means that your flames get much hotter much faster. With our blazer torches, you will find that you are always ready to smoke a little extra.

    Everyone is different, which is why Z Wave Distro proudly offers several blazer torches to choose from. With our torches, you can receive a stylish, comfortable, and easy-to-use source of fire power. Big hands. Small hands. It doesn’t matter. We offer a broad selection of blazer torches so you can smoke in style.

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