Yocan Red Delta Torch

Yocan Red Delta Torch

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  • Adjustable Flame Strength and Size
  • Comfortable Pistol Grip
  • Alloy and Ceramic Flame Guard
  • Thermochromic Muzzle
  • Butane-powered
  • Refillable Torch Lighter

About Yocan Red Delta Torch

The Yocan Red Delta Torch is one the first product from Yocan Red’s initial lineup. Yocan Red is the company’s sub-brand focused on producing products for smokers and vapers. That said, you can expect only the best releases from Yocan Red, like the Yocan Red Delta Torch.

Here are a few more reasons why you should see to it that your vape or smoking arsenal has the Yocan Red Delta Torch in it.

Precision Flame Control

Not only in vaporizers but also in torch lighters, the ability to control the output of the device precisely makes for a great feature. The Yocan Red Delta Torch has precision flame control, allowing its owners to easily adjust the flame’s strength and size.

On that note, you will only have to make certain tweaks on the Yocan Red Delta Torch to be able to use it on different applications. Lighting up a cigarette? Use the lowest setting so you don’t burn everything (your face included) into smithereens. Heating up a banger? Might as well turn up the heat and reap the psychoactive ingredients of your favorite materials by quickly reaching high temperature profiles. Maybe lighting up a bowl? Use medium heat settings to get things blazing.

All of the abovementioned things can be achieved with just one lighter — the Yocan Red Delta Torch.

Having said the aforementioned, it’s easy to see the advantages of using a torch lighter that has an adjustable flame control feature. No need to buy different lighters to do different tasks. No need to grow your collection, which will basically gather dust in the drawer since you will not use them daily. A single torch lighter will do and it will save you money, time, and space.

According to Yocan, the heat of the Yocan Red Delta Torch can reach up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,371 degrees Celsius — now that’s hot!

In terms of length, the flame produced by the Yocan Red Delta Torch can reach up to 12 inches — allowing its wielders to basically enjoy a span not available in many entry-level torch lighters.

With this much heat and reach available at your fingertips, just think of all the possible things you can do.

Durable Build

Like most Yocan products, the Yocan Red Delta Torch promises its would-be owners a durable and reliable device.

Outside, the Yocan Red Delta Torch is protected by a body made from high-quality materials. Yocan knows that by using low-quality components, it will risk the torch lighter getting easily damaged which may cause unnecessary accidents to its owners. Because it has been in the business for decades, Yocan will not compromise its customers’ safety and ensured that only the strongest materials will be used for the body of the Yocan Red Delta Torch.

In addition, the Yocan Red Delta Torch is equipped with a flame guard made from alloy and ceramic. Alloy is a raw material known for its durability and ability to withstand high temperature levels while ceramic has become popular for its low and slow heating capabilities.

On that note, Yocan — through Yocan Red — has properly chosen the perfect resources to make the best flame guard for the Yocan Red Delta Torch. Further, Yocan Red Delta Torch’s flame guard boasts thermochromic properties. What this means is that the muzzle of the Yocan Red Delta Torch will change color as it heats. This not only serves as a beautiful addition to the capable torch lighter but also can help the owner tell whether or not the muzzle is cold or hot enough. This is helpful for when storing the Yocan Red Delta Torch, or simply when touching the muzzle after a session.

Its users can prevent burning their fingertips — or maybe their furniture.

Refillable Torch Lighter

Another advantage to getting the Yocan Red Delta Torch is that it is a refillable torch lighter.

This means that those who plan to invest in the Yocan Red Delta Torch will not need to buy new lighters every time the fuel runs out. Instead, all they need to do is to reload the tank to continue enjoying the benefits of the smoker- and vaper-specific product released by Yocan’s sub-brand.

The Yocan Red Delta Torch is equipped with an eight-gram tank that can accommodate butane fuel. Depending on the frequency of usage, the tank may last long. To help users keep track of their running fuel, the Yocan Red Delta Torch is also fitted with a window so they will know exactly when to put fuel back into the tank. No more missing out, no more getting caught off guard. With the Yocan Red Delta Torch, you will always have power to light up your sessions.

Heat-resistant Silicone Grip

The Yocan Red Delta Torch is also slapped with a heat-resistant silicone grip that ensures the owners and users of the torch lighter will not get burned during operation. The silicone material is a great addition to the Yocan Red Delta Torch as some cheaper products that do not have a heat-resistant grip may tend to overheat after consecutive use. With this feature, owners can be sure that the Yocan Red Delta Torch can keep up with them and not be held back just because the heat from the heating element affects the temperature of the grip.

Yocan also wanted the Yocan Red Delta Torch to be easy to use. That’s why the vaporizer manufacturer ensured that it gave its product a pistol-style grip that is ergonomic. Because of this feature owners can literally hold the Yocan Red Delta Torch for hours and not experience stress on their wrists.

The Yocan Red Delta Torch is a carefully thought out product that will not only be able to satisfy its owners with its performance but also with how it was designed overall.

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