Yocan Red Beef Torch

Yocan Red Beef Torch

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  • Adjustable Flame Strength and Size
  • Comfortable Pistol Grip with Genuine Leather
  • Alloy and Ceramic Flame Guard
  • Thermochromic Muzzle
  • Butane-powered
  • Piezo Ignition Technology

About Yocan Red Beef Torch

Yocan had just released new products through its new sub-brand, Yocan Red. Pretty much like its past sub-marques (Yocan Black and Yocan Green), Yocan Red also has a theme and focus point, and that is delivering some of the best products for smokers and vapers alike. So, if you find yourself enjoying either or both, this new product is definitely for you.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting the Yocan Red Beef Torch today.

Stylish Torch Lighter

Check out the internet today and you will find a sea of torch lighters. These products are commonly dressed as modern lighters usually looking like something that came out of Cyberpunk 2077. Breaking the monotony, the Yocan Red Beef Torch comes in as a stylish torch lighter that would suit the taste of fashionable consumers.

While the Yocan Red Beef Torch is a modern torch lighter through and through, the device will certainly appeal to those with a touch and air of sophistication in them. A genuine leather trim is installed on the heat resistant pistol grip of the Yocan Red Beef Torch. The leather adds a texture of opulence you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, the Yocan Red Beef Torch’s pistol grip has gold appliques — which can also be found all over the torch lighter.

In unison, the leather finish and the gold accents make the Yocan Red Beef Torch a fitting torch lighter for the high roller. It screams old rich vibes and would go well with classic cigar rooms. If you’re looking for a torch lighter that is drenched in luxurious fittings, then the Yocan Red Beef Torch is the right torch lighter for you.

Adjustable Flame Settings

Nothing says modern luxury than premium technology, and the Yocan Red Beef Torch has it all. Specifically, the Yocan Red Beef Torch has adjustable flame settings that allows its owners to select the proper setting to suit their needs.

Looking to light up a cigar? A cigarette maybe? Then you should select the low temperature levels to get decent flames with small reach, just enough to get to the tip. Meanwhile, those lighting up a bowl or a waterpipe can select the medium temperature levels to easily set their herbs ablaze. As for consumers who need to melt down wax concentrates on their bangers and desktop rigs, the highest temperature level would be a great choice as these flame settings can really torch the banger while giving the owners some distance.

The Yocan Red Beef Torch can reach temperature levels of up to Yocan Red Beef Torch. This temperature level translates a wide range of temperature profiles that will definitely match the preference of its would-be owners.

In terms of reach, the flame of the Yocan Red Beef Torch can get up to 12 inches.

Thermochromic Muzzle

One of the benefits of using the Yocan Red Beef Torch is its thermochromic muzzle. When cold or in room temperature, the muzzle of the stylish Yocan Red Beef Torch appears gold in color, but when it is in use, the nozzle changes in hue so it creates a beautiful display that is surely a sight for the eyes. And while it may look just like a decorative application, the Yocan Red Beef Torch’s thermochromic tip can actually help its owners tell whether it is safe to touch the Yocan Red Beef Torch of it requires some time to cool down.

The same goes when the time to pack the Yocan Red Beef Torch in one’s bag or maybe keep it in storage. The Yocan Red Beef Torch’s color-changing muzzle can serve as an indicator that can tell that one might burn a finger or it’s safe to hold and store.

And while we’re on the topic of safety, the Yocan Red Beef Torch is equipped with other safety features like a flame guard made from both alloy and ceramic materials. Alloy is known for its ability to remain durable despite constant exposure to high temperatures while ceramic has earned a tenacity for its low and slow heating properties.

These two raw materials can help ensure that the flame guard of the Yocan Red Beef Torch will not easily break down even after constant usage.

Further, the Yocan Red Beef Torch also has a lock option that helps keep the trigger in place. When activated, the trigger cannot be accidentally triggered, increasing the overall safety of the Yocan Red Beef Torch.

Designed in the United States

The Yocan Red Beef Torch is a portable torch lighter that is designed in the United States (US). According to Yocan Red, the Yocan Red Beef Torch was developed and engineered by the American community, so there’s no wonder why its features will appeal to US customers.

Apart from having all the aforementioned bells and whistles, the Yocan Red Beef Torch is equipped with Piezo ignition technology that promises quick flame production every time. Compared to conventional spark wheel lighters, the Yocan Red Beef Torch can promise fast and effective heating every time its owners squeeze the trigger.

Piezo ignition technology is found on most modern lighters so, potential buyers of the Yocan Red Beef Torch can be sure that their devices and accessories are up to date when it comes to the latest torch lighter technology.

Another obvious American-oriented design choice is the implementation of the refillable butane tank. To cater to the needs of its target market, the Yocan Red Beef Torch has been slapped with a refillable tank that can accommodate butane fuel — common source of power in the country. Since one can literally purchase butane canisters almost anywhere, having to find a fuel source will not be an issue when using the Yocan Red Beef Torch.

The Yocan Red Beef Torch is going to be a great choice for many smokers and vaporizer users in the US. These are just a few notable features the Yocan Red Beef Torch has to offer. The rest are waiting to be discovered.

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