Lookah Unicorn Mini

Lookah Unicorn Mini

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Lookah Unicorn Mini Electric Dab Rig

Introducing the Unicorn Mini, the newest edition to the Lookah Electric Dab Rig family. 

This Mini E-Rig is the predecessor of the original Lookah Unicorn, the construction appears to be the same, however the Unicorn Mini features a more compact design that sits comfortably in your hand for one handed operation. Like the original Unicorn the Mini utilizes a "quick-connect" magnetic connection to secure the pointed glass bubbler (where the Unicorn gets its name) in place. The quick-connect glass bubbler also adds to the connivence of loading your concentrates into the atomizer/coil connected to the base. Just snap it back on, and you're ready to rock!

Like the newer devices we've seen released by Lookah, the Unicorn Mini uses a 710 thread connection adapter, making the coils that come with the Swordfish, the Seahorse X, and the Unicorn Mini cross compatible. There are currently 3 different types of atomizer/coil options to choose from labeled as Type A, Type B, and Type C. All are made of crushed quartz but we hope to see a ceramic version soon. Heres a brief explanation of each:

  • Type A Coil - Features a large round surface area for bigger dabs or for more evenly heated smaller dabs, and 360 air flow for large more thin clouds.
  • Type B Coil - Features two small holes at the bottom to expose more heat for higher temperature dabs and quick heating times, resulting in milkier white clouds.
  • Type C Coil - Features an airflow hole across the side for steady airflow and a smaller square surface area to get the most out of your concentrates, this atomizer is considered to be "wax saving".

The compact Mini is a standard one button device, 5 clicks to turn it on and off, 2 clicks to toggle through the three preset temperature settings, and it also features a preheat mode. The button contains a LED light to indicate each temperature setting, battery life, and more, creating a simple intuitive experience for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

The Unicorn Mini operates on a 950mAh battery that is charged through a USB-C charging port, it is said to last about 100 sessions from a single full charge, making it the most practical electric dab rig option for traveling. This Mini E-Rig contains a built in dab tool slot at the bottom of the base, to keep your dabbing accessories in one place. As well as one air path located next to it, which is easily accessible for cleaning with the included cleaning brush paired with cleaning solution. We love to see an OG, revamped to a more compact version and we surely believe Lookah delivered a keeper.


  • Battery: 950mAh
  • 710 Thread Connection
  • Type-C Charging
  • Three Preset Temperature Settings
  • 100 Sessions Per Charge 


  • Compact Mini Electric Dab Rig Design
  • Revolutionary Magnetic "Quick-Connect" Glass Attachment
  • 60 Second Sesh-Mode
  • Multiple Quartz Coil Options for Optimal Flavor and Preference 
  • Dab Tool Storage Slot Located at the Base
  • Travel Friendly


  • 1 x Mini Unicorn Base
  • 1 x Magnetic Glass Attachment 
  • 2 x Lookah 710 Quartz Coils
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual

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