Large Silver Fume Spoon @danielsglassart

Large Silver Fume Spoon @danielsglassart

Large Silver Fume Spoon @danielsglassart

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  • 5" Silver Fume Spoon
  • 6.5 oz (5mm)
  • Made in USA

Daniel's Glass Large Fume Spoon @danielsglassart

Blowing glass for over 40 plus years. Crafting borosilicate glass pieces in San Diego, California. Known throughout the industry for unique rigs, pendants, and bongs.  

This talented glassblower is known for its fun and friendly creations that make them stand apart from others in the industry. They provide a reliable experience with a splash of fun that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s simple and fun, but mature enough to support you when you embrace a strain that really makes you sit back and evaluate your life.

People who like to embrace creativity will love Daniels Glass Art for its fun and memorable designs. They offer everything from Pickle Rick to Yoshi Eggs —and if characters aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Their sports-themed designs, multicolored designs, and fun animal models just might be a better fit for you!

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