Yocan Red Katana Torch

Yocan Red Katana Torch

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  • Comfortable Katana-style Grip
  • Heat-resistant Alloy and Polymer Handle
  • Piezo Ignition Technology
  • Windproof Flame
  • Adjustable Flame Settings
  • Thermochromic Muzzle

About Yocan Red Katana Torch

The Yocan Red Katana Torch is one of the initial offerings of Yocan’s newest sub-brand, Yocan Red. Yocan Red is a marque that focuses on the needs of smokers and vapors alike so you can see that the products that they come up with are designed and engineered to meet the needs of its target market.

On that note, we’ll look into a good example of the Yocan Red Katana Torch, one of its flagship torch lighters and one that will tickle the fancy of many dry herb consumers and wax concentrate enthusiasts alike. So, make sure to read on to find out why you should consider adding the Yocan Red Katana Torch to your arsenal.

Unique Katana-style Handle

Arguably one of the most eye-catching features of the Yocan Red Katana Torch is its katana-style hand grip. Pretty much like the swords famously used by historical Japanese swordsmen, the Yocan Red Katana Torch has a beautiful tsuka (the full handle of a katana).

The tsuka — pretty much like the real deal is a detailed piece of work. While the real steel has functional decorative ornaments called samegawa or ray skin; menuki or trinkets integrated into the tsuka; and the ito or the outer wrap of the handle, the Yocan Red Katana Torch has a grip made out of alloy and polymer. The said raw materials are fashioned in a way that they mimic or as would say faithfully recreate the beauty and intricacy of a katana’s handle.

Being made of alloy and polymer, the torch lighter’s handle boasts heat resistance that allows its owners to use it for prolonged periods of time. Instead of having to hurt themselves if the actual torch lighter gets too hot, the Yocan Red Katana Torch ensures that the hands, palms, and fingers of the one using the torch lighter is protected and instances of having one burn his or her fingers is minimized.

Thermochromic Muzzle

Adding to the protective and safety capability offered by the Yocan Red Katana Torch’s alloy and polymer handle is a thermochromic muzzle.

What it does is it changes the color of the torch lighter’s nose or the mouth where the flame shoots out. Depending on the temperature, one can tell if it’s piping hot or cool enough to the touch. On that note, its owners will not accidentally burn themselves as they can tell with a glance if touching the Yocan Red Katana Torch’s tip will hurt or not.

In addition, knowing if the Yocan Red Katana Torch is still burning hot or not can help when the times for its owners to store the torch lighter. When placed inside a bag or inside a drawer, the heated tip — if it’s still too hot — can damage the contents of the bag or even the things it’s stored alongside with in a drawer. Further, it can even scorch and singe the inner part of the bag or much worse, burn one’s thighs when slid inside one’s pocket.

So, the Yocan Red Katana Torch’s thermochromic muzzle acts not only as an aesthetic ornament but also a useful safety feature that can help smokers and vapers both.

Carefully-placed controls

One thing we have to give to the developers and designers of the Yocan Red Katana Torch is the placement of the buttons on the torch lighter’s handle.

The already ergonomic handle is slapped with a trigger just right exactly where the index finger should be. And as if hand movement was mastered by its makers, the lock and unlocking switch was positioned not too far away the trigger button so its owners can still safely lock and unlock the torch lighter with just one hand.

Finally, the Yocan Red Katana Torch has a rotary control knob where the thumb rests on the handle. By sliding the control left and right, its owners can easily adjust the flame to suit their needs.

With that said, the Yocan Red Katana Torch is a simple, stylish torch lighter that can be operated easily even with just one hand. The other can be used to hold a cigar or a pipe and the other used to cradle the Yocan Red Katana Torch.

Speaking of which...

Adjustable Flame Settings

The Yocan Red Katana Torch has adjustable flames, which is one of the biggest advantages of using this torch lighter. Compared to traditional torch lighters, the Yocan Red Katana Torch can reach flame levels of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,371 degrees Celsius. This means that the Yocan Red Katana Torch is able to accommodate various tasks: from lighting up joints, heating bowls and water pipes, bringing bangers up to vaping temperature level and even conventional ones like cooking or lighting up a campfire.

The possibilities are endless

In addition, the Yocan Red Katana Torch is also capable of extending its flame reach, which Yocan revealed to be up to 12 inches. That’s a lot of reach for a portable torch lighter and will allow wax concentrate consumers to heat up their devices like the aforementioned banger as well as manually-heated nectar collectors.

All that without having to go too close to the wax chamber

The flame produced by the Yocan Red Katana Torch is also wind proof. On that note, the flame will not easily die out when the Yocan Red Katana Torch is being used outdoors. No more worrying about not fully firing up one’s favorite spliff, or maybe not getting that honey straw ready for a group session after a hike. The Yocan Red Katana Torch is really a torch lighter one can rely on — no matter the outdoor condition.

And while we’re on the topic of notable features, the Yocan Red Katana Torch also has a refillable gas tank. It uses butane fuel, so having to find a replacement canister to fill up its eight-gram tank will be easily. With that in mind, its owners will never have to worry about not being able to use their torch lighters due to the tank running dry. Butane is relatively cheap and easy to find, making it a great choice for those looking for a sustainable way of keeping up with their ritual.

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